Monday, January 16, 2012

Lunch for the Boy: 1.17.12

Back to school after a long weekend (during which, I ate my way through Manhattan...)
Somersault snacks: 12g, applesauce: 13g
The Boy has some applesauce and some Somersault snacks for snack.
Dumplings: 24g, banana: 25g, feta salad: 2g, plantain chips: 5g, strawberries: 6g, clementine: 9g
His lunch is some dumplings, a banana, a clementine, strawberries, a few plantain chips he saw at the store and wanted to try, and a little radish salad with feta that I brought home from NYC.  I don't think he will really eat it, but he loves feta, so you never can tell... I sure like it!

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