Saturday, December 7, 2013

Cookie Decorating Party 2013!

I held my annual Cookie Decorating Party today, and we all had a blast.

I made four different kinds of cookies to decorate - Vanilla Almond Sugar CookiesSpiced Eggnog Sugar CookiesRed Velvet Sugar Cookies, and Chocolate Mint Sugar Cookies.

To decorate, I made Joy of Baking's Royal Icing with Egg whites, and then made flood icing according to Bake at 350's method for decorating.  For the outline icing, I filled pastry bags, and for the flood icing, I filled Wilton squeeze bottles.

The kids did a really great job this year.  The Boy helped me make all of the cookies (the Girl was out with a friend).  This is our fourth year doing a cookie decorating party, so they are used to the method by now.

The Boy asked if we could make cookies like this more often.  While this kind of decorating is kind of once-a-year to me, it certainly was fun.

As always, I am always impressed by the imaginative ways that my friends and my kids decorate the cookies.  And I'm looking forward to next year.  It's a really fun tradition.

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