Thursday, September 25, 2014

Lunches: 9.25.14 - Shel Silverstein Blog Hop

We love Shel Silverstein in our house.

My father loved reading it to us as kids, and in turn, to our children.  He is funny and inspiring at the same time, poignant and silly.  His poems touch me and make me smile, and they are also really fun to read aloud.  Dad's favorite was "Boa Constrictor" - he loved making different voices and the swallowing sound at the end.

The kids are huge fans.  The Girl was picked to recite some poems for Memorial Day last year in school, and she chose a couple Shel Silverstein poems, in honor of my father, who was a Veteran.

When I found out that it was Shel Silverstein's birthday, I knew that I wanted to honor that with special lunches.  My Bento Bloggers & Friends agreed, and thus was born the Shel Silverstein Blog Hop.

Picture from Falling Up
This could have made  fun lunch...

Picture from Falling Up
The Girl liked this one, but I thought it was too simple
Picture from Falling Up
... I could have packed a snake in their lunches.  That would have been funny.
It was tough to pick a couple of poems to honor in lunch form...

Picture from Falling Up
I settled on "Advice" from Falling Up for The Boy.

Quesadilla: 10g, watermelon: 5g, ABC cookies: 10g, bean crisps: 3g, apple slices: 4g, carrots and ranch: 2g

His lunch is a cheese quesadilla on top of a container of watermelon, along with ABC cookies, bean crisps, carrots with ranch, and apple slices.  The poem in the background is also from Falling Up (we have other books, but this was the first one I grabbed for inspiration).  His snack is a granola bar (not pictured: 22g).

Picture from Falling Up
For the Girl, I made her a lunch based on "Carrots," from Falling Up.

Her lunch is a cheese sandwich with the image on it, on top of a turkey bologna sandwich, some bean crisps, ABC cookies, carrots with ranch (I hope that she eats them the right way!), and some apple slices.  Her snack is a granola bar (not pictured).

The poem on her background, Invitation, is one of the ones she recited at the Memorial Day assembly last year.  It is one of my favorites.  It is from Where the Sidewalk Ends.

Though you can't see them, I also wrote a couple of my favorite poems on the Lunchbox Love notes.

Want to see what my Bento Bloggers and Friends have come up with?  Hop on over to Bent On Better Lunches to start the journey.

As a note, I have to post earlier than the others, due to the fact that The Boy's school nurse needs the carb counts for his lunch first thing in the morning. When you click on the button to go on to Bent On Better Lunches, there will be a place holder until the other blogs go live, at 10 AM (EST).

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  1. Oh, I love these! And now I need to pull out Falling Up again for a good read!

  2. Both drawings are adorable, well done!

  3. Great lunches, and the picture of grandpa reading is the best!

  4. I love your sweet post especially the boy being read to by Grandpa :)

    1. Oh and I cracked up when i read that you considered the snake in the lunchbox...

  5. Such great artwork and a beautifully inspiring post.

  6. These are so great. You're artwork is awesome. Love the lunches! Thanks for taking the time to make those for your kiddos and sharing them with us. :)