Wednesday, August 26, 2015

First Day of School Lunches: 8.26.15

How is summer over already?  It has happened, and it's time for school again... and that means lunches, every day!  :)
The cookies spell... 
Sugar snap peas: 1g, Muhammara: 2g, grapes: 4g, "Pencil" wrap: 5g, freeze dried mango: 5g, carrots: 1g, ABC cookies: 23g
The Boy has sugar snap peas, Muhammara, baby carrots, grapes, freeze dried mango (in the Easylunchboxes Mini dipper so that they don't get sticky), a beef stick and string cheese wrap to look (vaguely) like a pencil, and some cinnamon Schoolbook cookies.  His snack is a cereal bar (not pictured, 28g)

The Girl has an aprium (apricot-plum hybrid), some grapes. sugar snap peas, Muhammara,  baby carrots, freeze dried mango, a beef stick with string cheese in a wrap, and cinnamon Schoolbook cookies.

Here's to a great school year!

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