Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Review: Petit Amuse

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A while back, I was contacted by a new company called Petit Amuse.  They offer artisan food sample boxes.  This monthly box business seems to be taking off recently, so I was of course interested in finding out more.

There are some things that set Petit Amuse apart from a lot of the other companies.  Their sample box is $10/month, which is an incredible value.  They actually take a loss on their sample boxes, which usually have a value of about $20.  Another thing that is really neat about Petit Amuse is that they sell full sizes of the products from their sample boxes in their Marketplace.  They also focus on small batch, artisan products.  Some of these items can be hard to find outside their local area, so it's neat to be introduced to things you might not have available to you otherwise.  You can also filter according to allergen or dietary preferences.  I think that's pretty neat.

Do you want to know what was in my sample box?

(I'm playing with a new photo editing program, so I hope that you like it!)

Of course I had to take a little nibble of everything.  I'll share with the kids later.  (Except for the Ice Wine Jelly.  That's mine.)

Speaking of the Ice Wine Jelly, I had a little bit on a homemade graham cracker.  It was definitely winey - and slightly sweet and totally delicious.  It would be wonderful on water crackers maybe with some brie.  Oh, the possibilities.

Next, I had a small piece of the Garuka Bar, which is from Vermont.  I've never seen it around here, so it must be a relatively small company.  It is made with raw Vermont honey, among other yummy ingredients.  I kind of want to search them out in my area, since they are from here. It is kind of gooey, so it might have a hard time on a hike or the like, but as a snack it is delicious.

The cha cha chocolate was a surprise.  At first bite, it was a nice rich chocolate cookie, not too sweet.  But then came the heat.  It was a nice little zing.  Probably not for the kids, but it was fun for me!

I have made chocolate chip rosemary shortbread before and really loved them.  The salted rosemary shortbread from my Petit Amuse box was more savory, and I don't know that I would qualify them as "cookies."  They are definitely buttery, with a good shortbread texture, but they are not crackers.  Yummy, though!

Finally, and probably my favorite, was the Oogie's Sundried Tomato & Parmesan popcorn.  I had a really hard time not gobbling it all up and not leaving any for the kids.  BUT - I promised.  So a small handful had to be enough for me (for now).  They also have some other flavors that I would love to try - I mean, Smoked Gouda!  I am already tempted to add some of this popcorn to my cart and go to town!

So, if you want to discover some fun flavors at a great price, many of which are eminently lunch box friendly, why not check out Petit Amuse?  (And buy some popcorn.  Seriously..)

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary Petit Amuse sample box to review, but was otherwise in no way compensated for this review.  All opinions are my own.

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  1. Thanks for sharing about this!! My sister would *love* this and her birthday is coming up! ;) woo!

  2. I tried them out for September (and forgot to cancel before October) because of your review. They had that jelly again in the October box. It WAS amazing on crackers! They had some kind of caraway crackers in that same box, and those were really good together, then I finished it off with some multi-grain party crackers from TJs. Like grape jelly for grown-ups!