Sunday, September 16, 2012

Lunch for The Boy: 9.17.12

I made some spaghetti tacos (inspired by iCarly - I made them with taco spiced alfredo sauce) for dinner, and the kids insisted that they would love them cold in their lunches.  We'll see! 

For snack, he has a banana (not pictured - 28g)

Spaghetti taco: 20g, refried beans: 5g, yogurt jelly: 6g, strawberries: 4g, cookies: 15g
The Boy has a spaghetti taco, a Easylunchboxes Mini Dipper with some leftover refried beans, a yogurt fruit jelly, strawberries, and some oatmeal cinnamon alphabet cookies I found at the grocery store.

All ready to close up!
I had to put the taco down on it's side to fit the lid on... I really hope he eats it!

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