Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Kid Made Lunches and Lunches With Love: Valentine's Day Blog Hop 2013 - 2.13.14

I was sick Sunday night and Monday.  I had a fever and a horrible headache, as well as a fun dizziness every time I tried to do anything exciting, like stand up.

Needless to say, I wasn't making any lunches.  So, the kids made their own.

There was an inordinate amount of giggling coming from the kitchen on Sunday evening, as the kids declared they were "scientists" and had made a concoction of chocolate and marshmallows, which they had molded in a heart silicone mold I had, put toothpicks in, and frozen.  Pretty funny.

To their credit, they declared that they also needed some vegetables, so they grabbed the cauliflower from the fridge, and with minimal help from The Hubby, made my roasted cauliflower "popcorn" to finish out their lunches.  So, it's not all about the chocolate and marshmallows.  They know it's about balance.

I thought it would be a good set of lunches to include in my Valentine's Day Blog Hop from the Bento Bloggers and Friends.  I also included some special lunches I made for the kids (and for The Hubby, my forever Valentine) in the post.

I love when the kids make their own lunches, though I do enjoy making them for them, but it's fun to see what they come up with on their own.
And The Boy took that picture, too

The Boy's Monday lunch was a feta and jelly sandwich (yes, his choice), with a cut-out on top, along with some roasted cauliflower, a yogurt, some more cheese, and a really good portion of blueberries.

His Tuesday lunch was a cheese and jelly sandwich, a fruit jelly, one of the marshmallow chocolate heart creations, a yogurt, blueberries, and some apple slices that he gleefully colored with food markers.
Sandwich: 30g, blueberries: 3g, apple: 4g, graham crackers: 6g
For Today, I made him a cheddar and jelly sandwich with a heart cutout, blueberries on a heart skewer, half a small apple with a small heart cut out, and some mini graham crackers in a heart shaped cup.  His snack is a yogurt (not pictured, 12g)

The Girl's Monday lunch was a jelly and cheese sandwich imprinted with a Cute-Z-Cute cutter, a fruit jelly, yogurt, a chocolate marshmallow heart creation, blueberries, and roasted cauliflower.

The Girl's Tuesday lunch was made with love by The Boy.  He gave her a cheese and jelly sandwich, a marshmallow chocolate heart, a yogurt, blueberries, and apples "colored to look like watermelon."

For Today, I made her a sunbutter and jelly sandwich with a heart cutout, a marshmallow chocolate heart creation, blueberries on a heart skewer, heart shaped apple pieces, and some mini graham crackers.  Her snack is a yogurt with some honey stirred in (not pictured).

Yup, The Boy took this picture, too

The kids even made me a sick-day lunch, which was a Ramen soup, a little chocolate that The Boy colored with a food marker, an apple sauce, and two starburst candies "because candy makes everyone feel better."  And so it did.  At the very least it made me feel loved.

For my own Valentine, my dear Hubby, I made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (which he would eat every day if I let him) cut into hearts, with imprints from a stamp, along with blueberries, a couple Do-so-Dos (Girl Scout Cookies have arrived!), half an apple with a heart cut out, and some mini graham crackers.

Now, I hope that you will hop on over to see what Loving Lunches is packing for her little Valentine, and continue along the way.  Happy Valentine's Day, and I hope it's a good one for you all.  (I'm just happy I can stand up without falling back down again.. that's really nice)

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