Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Lunches: 4.4.17

Happy Tuesday!

I have homemade bread, but it didn't turn out great (I haven't been feeling well and just popped the whole thing to bake in the bread machine, which is not as forgiving as bread dough you shape yourself...) - it is good for sandwiches, but not pretty (it was a sunken loaf)...

So, forgive the slightly weird looking sandwiches.
Sandwich: 35g, apple slices: 10g, raisins: 16g

The Boy has a hummus and turkey sandwich with greens, along with apple slices, and raisins.

The Girl has a sandwich with turkey, mayo, and greens, along with apple slices and raisins.

I hope to make a nicer looking loaf of bread for tomorrow!

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