Friday, August 28, 2009

Cool resource: Garnishing

I haven't tried these garnishing techniques yet, but they sure do look fun and easy.  I plan on using the carrot techniques particularly.  I with that my daughter liked cucumbers and bell peppers.  Check out the chicken made from an egg.  Way too adorable.

I don't go over the top with the cute stuff, but shaped carrots?  Easy and fun.

On another site that I found, there are even more ideas.  (The setup of that site is not as nice as the other, though).  I wonder if I could get my daughter to eat beets if they looked like a rose?  Another carrot idea is to use them as kind of a napkin ring.  Very cute.  My daughter appreciates steamed broccoli in her lunch, but would she eat the tomato cup, too?  I've done strawberry flowers before for a party, and they are very pretty and not very hard.

I can't wait to start playing with her food!

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  1. Neat ideas but OMG I don't know if I have the patience to do any of these! |I might just stick to cutting out shapes in ham and cheese for the start of school next week! Maybe I'll try the beet flowers one day when I'm well rested!!

  2. I tried some of the carrot shapes last night. I'll have to post pictures when I get the chance. The strips were no problem, of course, and the flowers were kind of fun and cute. I failed at the stars (couldn't find my channel knife) and the daisy didn't happen because I don't have an apple sectioner. I should get one of those.

    I am also low on patience when things aren't working out, and I am mostly a quick-packer, so I don't know how often anything fancy will happen, but it's fun to look and dream of doing them, isn't it?

  3. I got my hands on some cool cutters to try for school this incoming week, I'll post pics when I try them out!