Monday, February 7, 2011

Lunch: 2.8.11 - 100th Day of School!

The school makes a big deal about the 100th day.  They have a visit from a masked, caped Super Hero, named Zero the Hero.  He brings donut holes for everyone.  It's pretty cute.

So I try to make the lunch with as many 0's and 1's as possible. 

Snack isn't that creative - mandarin oranges with a cute little heart pick, and a few heart shaped chocolate covered pretzels.  And a juice.

Lunch is a blueberry mini bagel with jelly, baby carrots with ranch dressing, a couple mini corn muffins with cheese, grapes on skewers, and a few nilla wafers.

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  1. Where do you get your little picks from? I'm going to try Michael's.

  2. Michaels may have some. I got mine on ebay. also has some cute ones.

  3. Thanks!! I will check the site out.