Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Lunches: 9.5.17

Breakfast for lunches again today - turns out, The Boy has lunch at 10:20 in the morning - so he likes to have something breakfasty for it sometimes.  That's a mighty early lunch, if you ask me... (says the girl who works sometimes from 6-2 and eats lunch at 9 AM... and I have full on lunch, lol)

Egg: 0g, apple slices: 10g, Bubble & Squeak: 5g, yogurt: 9g, muffins: 12g (4g each), and snack: 28g

The Boy has a hard boiled egg, apple slices, my version of a Bubble & Squeak patty (look for the recipe in an upcoming KidsVT!  Essentially, a veggie and bacon patty), muffins, and a yogurt.  He also has a cereal bar for snack.

The Girl has a hard boiled egg, apple slices, Bubble & Squeak, muffins, and a yogurt.

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