Thursday, September 7, 2017

Lunches: 9.7.17

We are leaving for a vacation tomorrow (more on that, I hope, while we are gone!) - so the food is low in the house on purpose...

Using things in the fridge up is a fun way to pack lunches...
Egg: 0g, apple slices: 10g, yogurt: 9g, muffins: 16g (4 g each).  Snack: 28g

The Boy has Breakfast for lunch again.  He has apple slices, a hard boiled egg, yogurt, and muffins - and a cereal bar for snack.

The Girl wanted more than a hard boiled egg, so I made her a quick egg salad sandwich on homemade bread, apple slices, and Inner Peas.  She also has an audition after school for the school play, so I included a snack of a cereal bar for her, too.

Operation Clean Out the Fridge is fun...

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