Monday, August 30, 2010

Mommy & Daddy's Lunch: 8.31.10

It's the last lunches before The Girl returns to school, just for Daddy and I.  And they are going to be good ones.  Come Wednesday, it's Back to School with our Easy Lunchboxes!  Daddy and I will still get lunches, though!

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Elephants like peanuts.

Daddy and I each have a turkey sandwich on a mini bagel, some baby carrots, slices of apple, a couple homemade cheddar cheese crackers, a couple mini cherry almond princess cakes, and in the animal containers, some peanuts.
Taking one for the team... I dislike pink, but I took the pink doggie for my peanuts...

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  1. I have had the cheese crackers and they are magnificent...and the homemade fruit roll up and yogurt are divine...would like to get my paws on the mini cherry almond princess cakes...
    hmmmm. you do amaze do!!!!

  2. Say whaaa? You dislike pink? I'm revoking your girl card, right NOW.

    So sorry you left your lunch at home! :(

  3. I know, I know.. it's the one color I really don't like (on myself). I readily dress and give it to the girl. She loves it.