Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Recipe: Maple Wheat Bunny Rolls

Fun for Easter, or anytime.. Delicious and adorable.

You could use honey instead of maple, but I happened to run out of honey, and I so rarely run out of maple syrup.  Being in Vermont and all.  Tee hee.

I saw large loaves of Bunny Bread at Great Harvest Bread Co, and I knew I had to make it.

And I knew I had to make it mini.

Maple Wheat Bunny Rolls

2 c whey (or 1 c water + 1 c skim milk)
4 Tbsp melted butter
4 Tbsp maple syrup (Dark Amber or Grade B - can also use honey)
3 c all-purpose flour
2 c whole wheat flour
2/3 c dry milk
2 tsp salt
1 1/2 Tbsp yeast

Combine ingredients in your bread machine in the order specified by your machine and allow to go through dough cycle.  (You can also make the dough in your stand mixer)

When the dough is done, punch it down.  Taking small pieces, make two small balls, and two slightly larger ones, to use as feet for your bunny.

Make another ball as a body for the bunny, twisting a small nub for a tail.

Roll another ball smaller than the body ball for a head.

Take a small piece of dough and roll into a thin snake.  Cut in half and form two loops for ears.  Attach them under the bunny's head and lay them over the back of the bunny.
Yeah, the raisin eyes fell off.  I wouldn't bother if I were you.

Repeat with remaining dough.  Cover with a towel and allow to rise for about 40 minutes.  Preheat oven to 350 F.  Bake for about 20 minutes or until golden brown.
Big bunny
Filled with almond paste.  Mmmm.  Secret deliciousness.
I also made a big bunny, because I didn't have time to make a lot of small ones.  And for kicks... I put some almond paste inside the body and the head.  Mmmm.  Almond paste.  The larger bunny, I baked for an extra 10 minutes.

When the rolls come out of the oven, rub them with butter or spray with butter flavor cooking spray, wrap with a kitchen towel, and put into a plastic grocery bag, tightly closed.  This will keep the crust soft.

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  1. These look like so much fun!!! I can't wait to try them (and ohhh.... almond paste...Mmmmm)!

  2. ALMOST too cute to eat!! Mine were the Martha Stewart ones and looked nothing like these! They're so bloody adorable!!

  3. These are adorable and look delish as well!Great job :)

  4. These are amazingly cute. If I made them they would swell into unrecognizable lumps. Yummy lumps, but still - your skill is a big part of this equation...

  5. Oh my gosh! That is very cool!

  6. These are beyond adorable! I think I might have to try these!

  7. Oh, I would love to try making these with my kids. I'm sure they would be excited to share them with their grandparents on Easter! Great idea!

  8. This is such an adorable idea, I just shared a link to your site on our Little Hands that Cook with Books Lesson about making Bunny Bread along with Books, Crafts and Songs. They turned out so delicious when we made them. THANKS! http://theeducatorsspinonit.blogspot.com/2012/03/little-hands-that-cook-with-book-bunny.html