Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Lunch: 11.1.12

Happy November!

The Girl's snack is a pumpkin oat craisin bar and some blueberry almond bites from Naturebox.

Her lunch is a couple leftover pumpkin waffles with some strawberry jelly in a small lego sauce container, a clementine, apple slices, and a rice krispy treat from her Trick-or-Treating loot.  She says her school doesn't allow candy in lunch boxes, so that's the only thing I could give her from her loot. 

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  1. what about dipped fruit? if you melted one or two of her chocolate bars, I bet you could dip those apples in, let it set, and there's a treat!

    same with caramel...

    Also, what about yogurt with some of that yummy candy mixed in for a treat... skittles work great, chocolate of course works.

    also, using the candy to coat some popcorn would make a sweet treat.

    I totally get it if the school is trying to avoid allergens or set a healthy example, but otherwise, that can be kind of a bummer right after halloween.

    1. I agree! My kids don't eat a lot of candy at all, but I like to give them one or two pieces of Halloween loot for a bit after Halloween. I'll bring some of your ideas up with her, see what she thinks, or if she wants to save her loot to eat at home. Thanks!