Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Lunch for The Boy: 11.1.12

Halloween is over, and it's back to normality, or as close to it as I come!

Oat Pumpkin Craisin Bar: 10g, Blueberry Almond bites: 9g
The Boy's snack is a pumpkin oatmeal craisin bar and some blueberry almond bites from Naturebox.

Waffle & jelly: 35g, turkey: 1g. apple slices: 8g, caramel: 8g (for all), Starburst: 8g

His lunch is some leftover pumpkin spice waffles (from yesterday's Wacky Worldly Waffle Wednesday dinner), with some jelly on them, a piece of turkey in a lego container, apple slices with some caramel in the little yellow container, and two Starburst candies from Trick-or-Treating in the green container.

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