Monday, December 15, 2014

Cookie Decorating Party 2014

It's become part of our annual tradition to host a sugar cookie decorating party.  If you want to see previous cookie decorating parties, you can check them out here:

2012 - Pictures on my facebook page

This year, I made three kinds of sugar cookies: Spiced Eggnog, Cinnamon Sugar, and Red Velvet.  My mother donated some traditional sugar cookies to the cause.

To decorate, I made Joy of Baking's Royal Icing with Egg whites, and then made flood icing according to Bake at 350's method for decorating.  For the outline icing, I filled pastry bags, and for the flood icing, I filled Wilton squeeze bottles.  The trick for the icing is to make some thicker for outlining (just add a bit more confectioner's sugar), and then make the flood icing thinner.

Then, it was just up to everyone's imaginations!

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