Saturday, December 18, 2010

Sugar Cookie Decorating Party!

I was inspired by Pioneer Woman and Bake at 350...

So, I had a Sugar Cookie Decorating Party.  Full pictures are up on my Facebook Page.

It took a while, but that was probably because I went nuts and made about 10 dozen cookies. 
Some of the finished cookies
I used Bake at 350's Sugar Cookie recipe, and her technique for royal icing outlines and flood icing inside.   I did not have any meringue powder, so I used pasteurized egg whites (from a carton, like Eggbeaters, but just whites), and Joy of Baking's recipe.
Transferring the flood option to a bottle
For the royal icing (piping and outlines), I used pastry bags with couplers and a small plain tip (#3).  For the flood icing, I used squirt bottles.
I made some mini cookies, too!  This should surprise no one
It was a complete blast and we have decided it needs to happen again next year for sure!

And, look at the great Rudolf that The Girl made all by herself!

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  1. My mom's group is hosting a cookie decorating party too! and I'm in charge of cookies and royal icing. :)