Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sugar Cookie Decorating Party 2011!

I had a Sugar Cookie decorating party last year, and all of my friends wanted me to make this an annual event!  You can see all the pics on my facebook page.

Who am I to let my friends down?

This year, I made four different kinds of sugar cookies - Lemon Vanilla Sugar Cookies (based on Bake at 350's recipe), Smitten Kitchen's Nutmeg Maple Butter Cookies, Spiced Eggnog Cookies, and Red Velvet Sugar Cookies.

Just a couple cookies....

I used Bake at 350's method for decorating, and the royal icing (and flood icing) recipe at Joy of Baking, using pasteurized egg whites.   We discovered that the best way to get the flood icing in the squeeze bottles is *not* to use a funnel...
This took forever and I wouldn't recommend doing it this way... (Thanks, Lisa, for the help!)

... but instead, to use a disposable pastry bag with the tip cut off.  Didn't get a picture of this, but it worked much better.  Trust me.

I made white and black royal icing (made double recipes of both from Joy of Baking's recipe... as a note for next year, we could have gotten away with a single recipe of each, and filling the bags much less... we had some mishaps with overfilled pastry bags leaking huge gobs of icing out of the top.... oops)

For the flood icing, I made a *lot* with different colors.  I made large batches of white and then separated into small bowls and added coloring to each and then transfer into small squeeze bottles.

They should dry overnight before transporting, so we had them stacked in foil roasting pans on top of one another.
Like my morpho butterfly?

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  1. Very creative! Looks like it was TONS of fun!

  2. That butterfly is awesome. <3

    I don't even bother using real pastry bags of any sort any more. I just keep cheap knock-off ziploc bags on hand and use those any time I want to decorate cookies or pies or whatever.