Monday, October 19, 2009

Lunch: 10.20.09

Snack is again oatmeal and juice, and I added a small container of raisins for her to stir in to the oatmeal.  We'll see how long it is before she gets sick of oatmeal.

Lunch is apple sauce, apple chips (I'll post my recipe/method soon), a whole wheat pumpkin tortillas wrapped around a hot dog with some ketchup (she loves hot dogs, even cold!), a babybell, three maple button cookies, and some carrots with ranch dressing (in the yellow container)

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  1. I think its nice that her snack time allows her to make and consume the oatmeal. At kidlet's school, his snack "time" is on the playground at recess. The longer he takes to eat, the less play time. There's no way he'd do oatmeal, lol.

  2. I don't know how much time she has for snack, but she says that sometimes she doesn't finish it all, so she closes it up again and finishes it at lunch. :D She loves oatmeal!