Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lunch: 10.28.09

She just loves oatmeal!

Snack is oatmeal and a juice.

Lunch is homemade microwave potato chips, raisins and craisins, pomegranite seeds, ham on Halloween skewers, a ghost shaped pumpkin muffins with raisins, and some bug shaped grahams.

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  1. homemade microwave potato chips?! I'd love to hear how to make those!

  2. Have you ever tried to use fruit and veggies with that recipe? How did it turn out?

    Love the bat pick!

  3. Amanda - there's an imbedded link to a recipe. I never turn them halfway through.

    Angi - I've done it with sweet potatoes with much success. I want to try beets, too. You have to adjust the times accordingly.