Friday, December 18, 2009

Lunch: 12.18.09

I'll post pictures later, but I was running late this morning.

Snack is a gingerbread girl shaped apple rosemary jelly sandwich (on a bread end, so she looks gingerbready), craisins & raisins, bug shaped graham crackers, and a juice.

Lunch is a gogurt, a pear, flipside crackers, and some leftover casserole in her thermos.  And, my Lunchbox notes from SayPlease arrived yesterday, so I put one in.  They are so cute!
(here's the other side)

I'm happy it's Friday.  I have so much to do tomorrow - we are (finally) getting our Christmas tree, and decorating some, and then I have a ton of baking to do!  I have 13 kinds of cookies on my list.... I made two kinds last night.  Fun fun fun!

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