Thursday, March 21, 2013

Family Lunches: 3.22.13 - 15 minutes or less!

I'm posting all of our lunches in one post today, because there is a new 15-minute Friday Link Party that I wanted to take part in..  and I was inspired by What's In Our Lunch Bags.  Her post is awesome.

4 Lunches = 15 minutes or less

Most of my lunches take 15 minutes or less.  For all four of them.  It's a matter of a few good tools and having food on hand, for me.  Admittedly, I don't do fancy decorated lunches like some of my compatriots in the lunch packing world.  But, lunches are packed and ready to go, and healthy to boot.

Well, today I used frozen mini tacos, because we all love them.  And I was out of lunch meat.  So, it's kind of a special day.

I didn't use a timer today, but I will soon.

Anyhow, I changed up the fruits and veggies to everyone's liking.  The Boy has a Chobani bites yogurt for snack (not pictured, 13g).

Mini tacos: 19g. apple slices: 4g, sugar snap peas: 2g, grapes: 5g
His lunch is mini tacos, apple slices, grapes, and sugar snap peas.

The Girl will have a couple clementines for snack.  She loves them and would eat a dozen a day if I let her.

Her lunch is mini tacos, apple slices, another clementine, and some baby carrots.

Daddy has mini tacos, apple slices, starfruit,  sugar snap peas, and Naturebox corn nuts.

I have mini tacos, apple slices, grapes, sugar snap peas, and wasabi peas.

All of our lunches are packed in Easylunchboxes.  Because they are awesome. 

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  1. I love seeing what you pack. Your meals are always colorful, nutritious and yummy looking!