Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Family Lunches: 5.14.13

Daddy's lunch for Tuesday is a wrap with hummus, turkey, and salad, along with apple slices, blueberry yogurt pretzels, and mini bell peppers.

I have the same thing as Daddy, but with orange slices instead of apples.
Pretzels: 20g, apple slices: 5g, crackers: 15g, carrots: 1g, ham: 1g, raisins: 16g
The Boy has an applesauce for snack (not pictured, 15g), and for lunch he has some blueberry yogurt pretzels, apple slices, crackers, ham, raisins, and baby carrots.

The Girl has applesauce for snack (not pictured).  For lunch, she has blueberry yogurt pretzels, orange slices, baby carrots, crackers, ham, and apple slices.

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