Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Lunches: 2.10.16

It's Wednesday, and we had pizza for dinner last night, because I spent the whole day sleeping... I woke up essentially to a message from The Hubby (who was not home yet), telling me to turn on the porch light because dinner was on it's way.

That's love.  Taking care of your sick wife.

I feel much better today - thank goodness!  I do NOT like being sick.
Sandwich: 40g, apple slices: 12g, chocolate sunflower seeds: 4g

For lunches today, The Boy has a sandwich with Muhammara and ham (he does not like leftover pizza in lunch), along with apple slices, and chocolate covered sunflower seeds.  His snack is a trail mix (not pictured, 26g)

The Girl has no qualms about leftover pizza in lunch, and has a piece of pizza, raisins, and cara cara orange slices.

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