Thursday, March 3, 2016

Lunches: 3.2.16 - Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

So, March 1st is Dr. Seuss' birthday!  In the past couple years, the kids have been on mid-winter break on the day, so there have not been lunches... but I've had some fun in the past.

I was so excited that they were going back to school from break on Dr. Seuss' birthday, and I made them fun lunches, took pictures, and was about to blog...

And then I got the call that school was canceled - "snow day," though there was no real snow, just inclement weather, icy roads, and generally no fun...

I asked the kids, and they both said that they would be happy to eat theis Seussian lunches today!

I bring you... Green Eggs and Ham!

Green egg: 0g, ham: 3g, blueberry sauce: 19g, sunflower seeds: 3g

They both generally have the same thing.  The Boy has a hard boiled egg with green food marker to make it green, along with a ham steak (also green), a blueberry fruit & veggie pouch, and some fun rainbow candy coated sunflower seeds - they seemed Seussian.  His snack is a fruit & nut bar (not pictured, 16g)

The Girl also has Green Eggs and Ham, along with Cara Cara oranges, and some candy coated sunflower seeds.

Did you celebrate Dr. Seuss' birthday?

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