Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Lunch: 11.18.09

After a disastrous attempt on more crystallized ginger last night (I completely burned a whole batch, boiled it too long.  I was so sad...And now I am pretty sure my beautiful Le Creuset pan is completely ruined... NOTE: Be careful making the ginger!!!) I didn't make the girl's lunch until this morning.

Snack is a Strawberry Cherry Tea Jelly Sandwich in the shape of a tea cup, with homemade graham crackers, raisins & craisins, and juice.  She told me that the tea jelly sandwich is her favorite thing in snack and she gobbles it up first thing.  This Strawberry Cherry is made out of her favorite tea - Republic of Tea's Panda Berry.  It's really yummy.

Lunch is a gogurt, two banana crumb mini muffins, a babybell, some homemade cheese crackers, turkey on skewers, and a treat from her Halloween Goody Bag.

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