Monday, November 2, 2009

Lunch: 11.3.09

There was kind of a hilarious mistake with Evalina's lunch today... she thought that the meatball was a mini muffin.... and slathered it with the fruit dip (fat free cool whip and pudding mix) before realizing how wrong she was!  Ooops!!!!!

I'll tell her tomorrow what her dips are.

Snack is two bone breadsticks, some homemade applesauce, and a juice.

Lunch is a meatball, a babybell, some homemade crackers, veggie dip, carrot fingers, apple chips with fruit dip, tiny package of Diego Jellybeans from her trick or treat loot, and some craisin/raisin mix.

Hopefully, she dips things in the proper condiments this time!

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  1. ur homemade crackers look so yummy! I would love the recipe!!