Monday, February 15, 2010

Lunch: 2.15.10

So, I got this super cool new toy:

It's made for cookies, but I saw it and knew I could use it on sandwiches!

I wish I had gotten it before Valentine's Day.. oh, well..  it's the kind of thing the girl will get a kick out of all the time.

Snack for the girl today is Tangerine Tea Jelly sandwiches made with the press, some animal crackers, and juice.

Lunch is three pizza bites, a couple pretzel sticks, a roll up of ham and cheddar cheese, pieces of apple (this time it actually is a pink lady apple, so it shouldn't brown.  I bought the wrong kind of apple last week), carrots with ranch dressing, and a couple leftover jell-o jigglers.

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