Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Lunch: 3.3.10

We had salad with dinner, and I was amazed when the girl actually really liked it!  It's a spinach salad with shredded carrots and craisins.  Yay!  What a victory!

(She's never even deemed to try salad before.)

I got some super cute (candy filled) critter containers at Rite Aid yesterday, and I emptied them out to use in the girl's lunch.  (They are out for Easter)  I filled one with carrots (and included some fat free ranch for dipping), the other with string cheese, and then she also has a banana and some juice.

So, lunch is some salad, ranch dressing in the container, apple slices, whole wheat quesadilla with hummus and cheese, a juicy jelly, dried pineapple in the little container, pretzels, and a couple strawberry filled Hello Panda cookies.

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