Saturday, June 30, 2012

Review: Modes4U - Bento Supply Shop & More!

A while back, I was contacted by, and they offered to send me a couple of their items to check out and review here.  Always excited to play with new toys, I jumped at the chance.

The shop has a very diverse stock, but what I am most interested in, and what I think you will be most interested in, is their Bento supplies.  I had the opportunity to pick some things to try out, and it was a hard decision. 

Modes4u does ship from Hong Kong, so shipping takes about 5-15 business days.  They have a very detailed breakdown of their shipping costs, and if you spend over $78, your shipping is free.  I don't think it would be that hard to get to that level.   You can also pay for express shipping at a flat rate of $27.30 for your entire order.

They have a great variety of not only boxes, but also things like forks and sauce containers and silicone molds and the like.  A person could totally go crazy...

In addition to all of the bento items, they also carry really adorable fabric, bags (some bento bags!), craft supplies, and much more.
How cute is this???
I was totally drawn to the Building Block boxes... so I chose to get some in green sauce size.  The kids are a little in love with them!  They are just the right size for a little dressing or sauce, and they have a decently tight seal.  I wouldn't put anything too liquid in them, but for salad dressing or the like, they work well.

I've had my eye on this Little Red Riding Hood design for a while.  I decided to try out the small round container, because I knew it would fit in my beloved Easy Lunchbox. 

That wolf looks positively jolly!
It is so cute!

It also has a pretty sturdy lid.  It would be good for things like yogurt, I think (at least my pretty thick yogurt..)

I hope that you check out Modes4u and see what they have to offer.  I, for one, was impressed!

Disclaimer:  Modes4u generously provided me with the items for review without cost to me.  Other than receiving the products, I was in no way compensated for this review.

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