Thursday, August 29, 2013

Family Lunches: 8.30.13 (With Hotdog Tacos!)

It's the first Friday of the school year!
Bagel sandwich: 28g, melon: 5g, cucumber: 2g, feta: 1g, bbq corn kernels, cinnamon cookies: 2g

The Boy has a banana for snack (not pictured, 28g).  His lunch is in a Yumbox, and he has melon, cucumber, feta cheese, Naturebox BBQ Kettle Kernels, a mini whole wheat bagel with pesto, lettuce from my CSA, liverwurst, and Monterey Jack cheese, and some cinnamon crackers.

Hotdog Taco filling
For dinner on Thursday night, I made up something I called Hotdog Tacos - the filling was sliced hot dogs, corn, and white beans, with some taco seasoning.  We all loved them!

The Girl asked for leftovers in her lunch, so she has a couple Hotdog Tacos, a pluot, strawberries, a string cheese, and some cinnamon crackers, packed in an Easylunchbox.  Do you like her Mexican dog?  For snack, she has a Chobani Champions yogurt and a banana (not pictured).

I have a salad with feta cheese, some salsa in an Easylunchboxes Mini Dipper, crumbled up taco shells so I can make my salad a taco salad, and a pluot, in my Easylunchbox.

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