Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Lunches: 8.28.13 - First Day of School!

It's Back-to-School Day!  Just in time for the season, I have been featured in a local Kids monthly newspaper, Kids VT!  I'm pretty excited.  It was really fun being interviewed and having the photographer here... So, to any new readers, welcome!  Stay tuned for more Back-to-School Giveaways in the weeks to come.
Bus crackers: 20g, Liverwurst: 1g, carrot & ranch: 1g, fruit salad: 5g, feta cheese: 1g, cinnamon crackers: 3g
The Boy is going into 2nd grade.  His schedule is a bit different this year at school, and he will have a light (low carb, and thus insulin-free) morning snack, and a larger afternoon snack.  His morning snack is a cheese stick, and his afternoon snack is a banana (28 g) He asked that his first day lunch be in his Yumbox.  He has some school bus shaped "crackers" I made with thinly rolled pizza dough, liverwurst (also pressed with the school bus press), carrots ribbons with ranch dressing, a fruit salad with melon, strawberries, and apple, with some more apple in the compartment with the feta cheese, and some star cinnamon crackers.

The Girl is going into 5th grade.  Her snack is a banana.  Her lunch is in an EasyLunchbox.  She has some of my school bus shaped "crackers" along with ham and cheddar rolls, carrot ribbons, some fruit salad with strawberries and apple, and a pluot.

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  1. YAY school bus crackers!! I adore them! And congrats on the article it is brilliant!

  2. These are great back to school lunches! Love the crackers and congrats on the article!

  3. love the colorful bentos and bus crackers are cute!

  4. Those school bus crackers are an awesome idea!