Sunday, October 27, 2013

Halloween Party 2013: Recipe Round-up

My annual Halloween Party was last night, and we all had a great time!  Here's a round-up of the food that I made for the celebration.

Candy Corn Meringues - I saw these on Pinterest and knew that they had to happen.  They were really yummy, and quite easy.  The only thing I did differently was add a tiny bit of ginger, and to bake them, I started the oven at 300, then immediately turned it down to 200 when I put the meringues in the oven, and then let them bake until dried (about 1 hour, maybe a bit more.. I made them smallish.)  I read that this helps make the texture better, and it certainly was wonderful.

Monster Grapes - I am particularly proud of these.  I decided to dip some grapes in chocolate, but didn't want to then coat them in peanuts as I have seen on the internet, because I have a friend who is allergic and I wanted to make the party safe for her.  So - I dipped them in King Arthur Flour Mini Diced Crystallized Ginger!  Amazing - definitely will be making these again!

Ghost Strawberries

Carrot fingers, Radish eyes, and Mini Peppers

Eggplant dip - Looking in my fridge, full of CSA goodies, I decided to do something with some of them!  This was totally delicious, and the kids like it!  I think it will make a lovely sandwich spread.

Roasted Beet Tahini Dip - Ditto\

Bone Bread sticks - The Girl made these!  Delicious!

Leek Puff Pastry - I baked puff pastry cut into pumpkin shapes, then halved them and stuffed with sauteed leeks (also a CSA score!)

Corn Dip - More corn from my CSA, which I roasted in the oven, then combined with some cream cheese and Cabot Pepper Jack cheese, then baked until melty.  A hit!

White Asparagus wrapped in phyllo dough - The Girl thought they looked like fingers.  (And she wrapped them all herself!)
This is what happens when scientists party

Hard Apple Cider Sangria - Yes.

And this is what happens when scientists party, too!

Happy Halloween!

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  1. Yummy! Everything looks so fun and delicious! :D