Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Family Lunches: 11.12.13 - Kid Made!

The kids enjoyed making their lunches so much for Monday that they decided to make lunches for Tuesday as well - and The Boy made one for me, too!
Bagel: 27g, Dick & Jane Snacks: 18g, yogurt: 12g, strawberries: 4g, apple slices: 5g
The Boy has apple slices, strawberries, half a bagel with hummus, a Gogurt, and some Dick & Jane Educational Snacks (he was so happy to have found a Vermont state capital snack!).  I love how many picks he put in his lunch. He has a banana for snack (not pictured).

The Girl has pear slices, Dick & Jane Snacks, a gingerbread bagel with pumpkin cream cheese, carrots in the orange container.

I have half a bagel with hummus, pear slices, apple slices, rainbow carrots, and strawberry yogurt raisins.

It's fun when the kids make lunches!  And I think they have done a good job yet again.  I'm looking forward to my lunch for sure!

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