Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Lunches: 1.2.14

The kids are back at school after a much-needed Holiday break!
Sandwich: 50g, chips: 10g, feta: 1g, apple slices: 4g, carrots:  2g
The Boy got some orange marmalade from Santa, and was very excited to have some in his lunch.  I made some fresh sandwich bread (using a fresh new Kitchenaid Artisand stand mixer that The Hubby got me for Christmas to replace my tired old Classic Kitchenaid), and I made him a marmalade and Cabot cheddar sandwich, along with feta cheese (a specific request), Spinach & Kale chips from The Better Chip (review coming soon!), apple slices, and baby carrots.  His snack is a yogurt (not pictured, 12g).

The Girl got some blackberry strawberry jam from Santa, and she has a Cabot cheddar sandwich with this jam, on the fresh sandwich bread, along with a couple pieces of broccoli, apple slices, baby carrots, and some Spinach & Kale chips from The Better Chip.  Her snack is a yogurt (not pictured).

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