Sunday, December 7, 2014

Gifts for the Lunch Packer: 2014 Edition

If you've been a reader for a while, you have probably seen my previous posts with Gift ideas for the lunch packer.  I thought that I'd post a quick update with some new toys and tools for the lunch packer.

First things first, I want to disclose that I am an Amazon and BentoUSA Affliliate, and the links I post are my affiliate links.  All opinions of products are my own. 

 If you are looking to help someone get started with packing lunches, or if you just want to give someone a gift that keeps giving (with every lunch they pack), I can't think of anything better than my favorite boxes, Easylunchboxes.

They are currently available in both classic and bright colors. 

A great accessory for Easylunchboxes is a set of mini dippers.  They are very leak resistant, and are great for packing sauces, yogurt, applesauce, and the like.

If cute lunches are a goal, there are some amazing cutters available from Cute-Z-Cute.  The Cuddle Palz and Animal Friends cutters are even interchangeable, so there are a ton of ways to combine them to make great lunches.

The Animal Palz mini sandwich cutters are another great option from Cute-Z-Cute. 

If you are looking to gift some lunchbox inspiration, there are some wonderful books available.
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First and foremost, how about the one that I am featured in?  Cooking with Trader Joe's: Easylunchboxes features a lot of my bento blogger friends, with easy and doable lunches packed with our favorite products from Trader Joe's and beyond, all in Easylunchboxes.

Everyday Bento is another great book that I have found inspiration from, by my friend Wendy from Wendolonia.

I hope that this update to my Gifts for the Lunch Packer series has brought you some ideas, and I hope that you check out my earlier posts for more detailed gift ideas.

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