Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Lunches for an Outing: Burnt Rock Hike

For our first hike of the season, we decided to tackle a new trail to us (because we don't tend to do mountains twice - there are so many mountains, this is possible!).

After some searching in books and online, we decided to do Burnt Rock Mountain trail.  The trail was much more challenging than we expected it to be.

The website and the books said 5.2 miles round trip, but we logged 6 miles.  I know we took some detours, because there were beautiful waterfalls and creeks along the way.

Alas, due to The Boy's blood sugar dropping too much, we had to stop before the top for lunch.

Still, we powered on to the top (we maybe could have gone higher, but we saw the view...) This trail doesn't really end, per se.  It's part of the Long Trail, so you could theoretically hike all the way to Canada.  You have to pick your end points.

For lunch, we all had a wrap with hummus, spinach, ham, and cheese, along with sugar snap peas, strawberries, blueberries, and trail mix.

We look forward to more adventures to come this summer, with lunches packed for them!

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