Monday, July 13, 2015

Lunches for an Outing: Picking The Girl up from a week of camp, Montshire Museum 7.11.15

The Girl sold a TON of Girl Scout cookies this year, because she wanted to go to more than one session of Girl Scout camp.  She succeeded, selling enough cookies to go to two week-long sessions of overnight camp without paying anything out of pocket!

So, on Saturday, my mother and I took The Boy down to pick her up from her first week at camp.

After we picked her up, we popped over to King Arthur Flour and the Montshire Museum, which are only about 10 minutes away.

Of course, I brought lunches.

For our lunches, we had wraps with hummus, boiled mini potatoes, salami, Colby Jack cheese, and spinach, along with sugar snap peas with Muhammara (a spread with walnuts and roasted red pepper, near the hummus in the store), sour cream and onion puffs, and strawberries.  My mom also brought a big tub of watermelon.

She's home this week, and then goes back for her second session next week.  We've convinced her to be more careful with the sunblock next session... she's a little sunburned.

We'll make sure she gets plenty of sleep this week.  Camp is awesome, but it's tiring!

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