Friday, August 21, 2015

Lunches for an Outing: The Wild Center - 8.20.2015

The kids are starting school next Wednesday, and summer has just flown by!  We decided to have one more big adventure of the summer, and we decided to make it a day trip to The Wild Center, over in Tupper Lake, NY.

The kids and The Hubby and I went there once before, three years ago.  This time, my mother came with the kids and I (The Hubby had to work, alas).

It was even better than last time!  We even got a behind-the-scenes tour, and got to meet some of the animals that aren't normally part of programs. It was fantastic.
Otters are tricky to get pictures of... 

Boy loves Otters

The Boy has decided that otters are his favorite all-time animal, and spent so much time watching them.

We also got to check out their new Wild Walk, which is an elevated walkway above the treetops.  It even has a giant eagle's nest, and a rope spider's web!

There is an indoor trout stream, and so many adorable turtles... 

And also, a chance for kids to do some art.

Amazing.  Can't recommend it enough.  It's totally worth the drive (for us, it's 2-3 hours each way, depending on which route we take).

For lunches, we ate at the counter looking out into the river.  I packed for us, in Easylunchboxes.

We had wraps with a shredded veggie mix, grilled chicken, and some light honey herb vinaigrette (store bought), along with plumcots (apricot plum hybrids), some trail mix, pea crisps, and champagne grapes.

If you are at all close to the area, I hope that you make it in to The Wild Center - it is a worthy adventure to have!

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