Thursday, April 14, 2016

Lunches: 4.14.16

Happy Thursday!

Last night, I made quesadillas with chorizo and lentils for dinner.  There was a lot of the chorizo lentil mixture left.  SO - lunches!
Wraps: 15g each, strawberry applesauce: 14g, apple slices: 8g

The Boy has a couple chorizo lentil wraps with cheese, strawberry applesauce, and slices of apple. His snack is a berry applesauce (14g, not pictured)  I know... heavy on the apple!  Waiting for some nice looking berries to show up at the grocery store...

The Girl also has a couple chorizo lentil wraps with cheese and guacamole, strawberry applesauce, and apple slices.

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