Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Lunches: 5.4.16 - May the Fourth Be With You.

We are good Star Wars geeks around here.  One of my first memories was watching the original Star Wars at the Drive-in theatre.  It must have been a re-release when Empire came out, because I was less than a year old when A New Hope came out... But I have clear memories.

A few weeks ago, The Girl's school had a Star Wars Trivia night, and we had a lot of fun.  They even gave out buttons.  I got Han Solo.

So, for lunches, I had to celebrate Star Wars Day.
Tortilla sandwich: 20g, seaweed snacks: 1g, cheese stick: 1g, yogurt star cookies: 8g, strawberries: 6g

The Boy has a Yoda tortilla sandwich with green tahini dip and turkey, on a bed of seaweed snacks.  He also has a cheese stick, and Yoda's light saber is a dried green bean.  He has some yogurt star cookies in the Darth Vader container, and some strawberries.  His snack is a cereal bar (not pictured, 27g).

The Girl has an R2D2 tortilla sandwich (my red food coloring bled a little...oops), on a bed of seaweed snacks with a cheese stick (and there is also a cereal bar under there for her), strawberries, and yogurt star cookies in the Darth Vader container.

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