Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Packing lunches ahead for a week away, in Easylunchboxes!

Prepped for a week!

I am going to Sweden for a week with my mother, and The Hubby is going to be home with the kids. I wanted to make it easier for them while I am gone, and for The Boy's school nurse (so that I can have the carbs for his lunches blogged - easy peasy!)

I set out all of the Easyluncheboxes that I needed, and set to packing!  I made the sandwiches ahead of time, and after I took pictures, I popped them in some foil and labeled them with a sharpie and put them in the freezer.

I put post-its on each box with the day it is for, and what needs to be put into the box before it goes to school.  The apple slices in the pictures are from Monday's lunches - The Hubby will cut up fresh apples for them when needed.  The grapes should be fine in the lunches that are packed, and if the pretzels and Inner Peas get soggy in the fridge, there are fresh ones that can replace the ones in the packed lunches.  The kids seem to think they will be ok.

I hope that everything goes well while I am gone - and when I return, I will have some things to blog from Sweden!

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