Monday, January 2, 2017


Back to school, but I've been sick for a few days, so they aren't the most inspired lunches.  (I'm getting better, but still not enthusiastic about handling other's food right now... so I'm touching as little as possible)
Sandwich: 40g, pretzels: 10g, nutella: 9g, raisins: 10g

The Boy has a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, raisins, pretzels, and some nutella that Santa brought.  His snack is a granola bar (not pictured, 24g).

Promise, this is yummier than it looks
The Girl's lunch is delicious, but not pretty... I made a split pea soup for dinner a few days ago, and she loved it.  Normally, a soup wouldn't be good to pack in an Easy Lunch Box, but pea soup?  Nice and THICK until you heat it up, so no leaking!  She also has pretzels with Nutella, and a trail mix.

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