Thursday, January 5, 2017

Lunches: 1.5.17

Sickness is making it's way through the house - almost out now - but, it called for comfort food.  I made a variation on Pioneer Woman's Macaroni and cheese - but I used a mixture of caramelized onion cheddar, fontina, and Monterey Jack cheese, and I topped with fried onion strings (like you'd put on a green bean casserole), and omitted the egg,

I made a HUGE batch, so everyone has leftovers for lunch.

Mac & Cheese: 60g (he may not eat all of it), raisins: 12g, trail mix: 24g

The Boy has mac & cheese, raisins, and trail mix.  His snack is cheese crackers (not pictured, 16g).

The Girl has mac & cheese, raisins, and trail mix.

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