Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tip: Using a Hard Boiled Egg Mold

I posted a picture of my hard boiled egg molds in my Gear post, and I thought I would show you how they work.

First, you have to boil your eggs.  I bring water to a boil with eggs in it, then cover and turn the heat off and let the eggs sit for about 10 minutes.  There are probably better ways of boiling eggs, but this is the way that works for me.

After the eggs are boiled, while they are still hot, peel them and place them in the mold.  Close the mold and put in the fridge until cold.  I usually make 3 at a time and store them in the fridge until it's time to put them in lunches.

You can color them if you want to with food coloring or food color markers, but I usually skip that.  I did make a green egg for St. Patrick's Day last year, but it's not an everyday thing.

(For picture of a molded egg, see lunch posting)

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