Friday, September 18, 2009

Lunch: 9.18.09

Last day of double packing!  Next week, my life returns to the normal amount of chaos instead of the heightened amount I've enjoyed while my mother-in-law has been on vacation...

For the boy, I packed a gogurt, some Scrabble Cheez-its, raisins, a couple Maple Button Cookies, strawberries, a babybell, Ham & Cheese Skillet Bread, a banana, and a juice.

For snack, the girl has a Nut-Free Granola bar, some pretzel nuggets, a babybell, and a juice.

For lunch, she has a zucchini blueberry muffin, raisins, strawberries, Scrabble Cheez-its, a gogurt, Maple Button cookies, and ham and cheese skillet bread.

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  1. I've never seen scrabble cheezits - I wonder if they are only available in limited markets. Those look like they'd be fun and educational, an awesome addition for a kids bento!

  2. I tried to do the "Where to Buy" on the Cheez-it website, but it didn't work. (Said that they weren't available around here, which they obviously are) You can buy them online if you can't get them near you - places like Amazon and CVS carry them. The website did say that they are distributed throughout the country, though. I love them!