Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Lunch for The Boy: 11.1.11

How about that?  It's November, and I didn't even realize how cool the date is - 11.1.11.  If I had thought of that ahead of time, I might have done some kind of theme...

Well, 11.11.11 is coming up.  Maybe I can come up with something for that.

As it is, Happy November!  The kids will be getting a treat from their Halloween Stashes in their lunches for a few days at least.
Yogurt: 10g, granola: 15g

The Boy's snack is (you guessed it) Pumpkin granola and yogurt.

His lunch is a leftover cheese mummy dog with ketchup in the small container (4g), a tropical granola bar (15g), candy corn cheese crackers (6g), apple slices (6g), mandarin oranges (15g), and his treat is a box of yogurt raisins (20g), which is the treat he was most excited about.

Due to a technical error, I have no pictures of lunches today!!!  I don't know what happened, I saw them on the camera, but they are not on my card... not good.  Sorry about that.  There may be some on my computer at home, so if there are, I will load them up later.

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