Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Lunch for The Boy: 11.3.11

Fruit & yogurt snacks: 16g, pretzels: 11g
I got a couple new treats at the grocery store tonight, not sure if I'll get them again, but it is something different and I think they'll like them.  So, in The Boy's snack today, there's a packet of Welch's Fruit n' yogurt snacks and some mini pretzel sticks.
Sandwich: 30g, banana: 25g, mandarin oranges: 15g, candy corn cheese crackers: 6g, Junior mints: 16g

His lunch is a ham and cheddar sandwich on pain de mie (maple leaf shaped), a banana, mandarin oranges, some candy corn cheese crackers, and some Junior Mints from the Halloween stash.

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