Thursday, November 8, 2012

Lunch For The Boy: 11.8.12

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The Girl is home sick from school again today, so no lunch for her.

Parfait: 15g

The Boy's snack is another blueberry and Cabot Vanilla Bean Greek yogurt parfait in a jar.

Waffle: 50g, radish & ranch: 3g, watermelon: 4g, babybell: 1g

His lunch is a couple leftover waffles (Wacky Worldly Waffle Wednesday became just plain Waffle Wednesday, because The Girl didn't feel like eating and didn't want to miss interesting waffles) with honey, thinly sliced radish in a Lego container, with ranch in a small Lego sauce container, watermelon, and a babybell.

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  1. Love the lego containers... where'd ya get those?

    And thanks for the mention on the Greek yogurt :)

    1. The bigger one is from Amazon:
      And the sauce container is from AllThingsForSale: